Difference between Aadhar Card and Social Security Number

The inspiration for aadhar card came from the social security number in the United states. However, there are quite a lot of difference between these two numbers. This guide helps you in getting a clear picture of these two numbers.

Aadhar Card

Indian citizens can apply for an aadhaar card. Also, people who lived more than 182 days can also apply for this identity number. To know more on how to apply for an aadhar card, click here which will provide you with detail steps. This identity can be obtained by providing biometric information like IRIS, thumbprint, and photograph with other necessary documents.

Aadhaar Authentication: To do any transactions linked with aadhaar one has to provide thumb impression. The Indian government passed rules to link this UID with all the government related welfare schemes.

Aadhar Sharing: As discussed earlier, it is mandatory to link it with all the government schemes to get benefits. Otherwise, users won’t get any advantages from the government and in some circumstances failed to link may cause blocking of accounts.

Usage: All the public and private companies are allowed to use aadhar based authentication. In fact, this has become one of the compulsory document for getting a mobile number, pan card, passport, bank accounts and many others.

aadhar card vs SSN number

SSN Number

Only United States citizens can apply for SSN. Also, immigrants with a work permit can also apply for an SSN number. You can check this website on how to apply for an SSN number. This number can be obtained with just an identity proof.

SSN Authentication: The person name should match with the one on SSN. Authentication is done only in limited cases.

SSN Linking: The SSN number is only stored with the federal agencies and the US law prohibits sharing this with for any commercial purposes.

These are some of the major differences between the aadhar card and social security number. In United states the privacy of the user is taken priority and restricted the usage of SSN number only to federal bodies. Whereas in India, the government is making the aadhar as a single identity proof document in the future. If this happens, then all the private and public companies have access to the aadhaar numbers and there can be a high chance of miss using it.

The Indian government should take users privacy into consideration and should restrict the access of aadhar card only to the government departments. Even the supreme court of India has passed a rule that aadhar is not needed for getting benefits from the government. More stringent rules should come against the usage of aadhar card. Currently there is a high debate going on the usage of aadhar card. On one side people are appreciating the efforts of the government and on the other side people are concerend about the security of the aadhar card.


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