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Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile Number

I have an aadhar card and recently I lost it. I read that e aadhar card can be used as a valid document. However I don’t have the mobile number that is registered with UIDAI. How can I download my aadhar card without mobile number?

This is a question asked by one of my blog reader. After doing a lot of research online, I came up with a solution to download e aadhar card. The process of downloading identity number is very easy. The regular process to download an aadhar card is by visiting the UIDAI portal and filling out details like aadhar number, name, DOB and phone number. After that we will get an OTP to our mobile which we have to enter in the online form. Once all this process is done our e-aadhar card will be downloaded. The complete aadhar card download process is detailed here You can use either aadhar id or enrolment id for downloading.

download aadhar card without mobile number

This process won’t work in case if we lost our mobile number. The only option we have left is to do an aadhar card correction. Visit the UIDAI website and download the aadhar card correction form. Fill out all the details and provide your mobile number. Make sure you enter your aadhar number on all the papers. You have to attest a document as proof that this is your new mobile number. It is better to provide a post paid mobile number as you will get bill as proof. For prepaid numbers, it is difficult to provide a proof. You can check on quora website for detailed instructions on aadhar card correction.

After filling out the application, wrap the documents in an envelope and send it to UIDAI address. The address of UIDAI is “Post-Box No. 10,Chhindwara,Madhya Pradesh-480001, India”. After that you will get an acknowledgement for the change request. Usually it will take 3 weeks to get your mobile number corrected. However, depending on the number of applications it might take even more.

Once your mobile number is updated, then you can follow the usual process to download e aadhar card from UIDAI portal online.


Unable to Link PAN Card with Aadhar Card

The Indian government has passed a rule to link PAN card with Aadhar card before July,3017. Failed to do so will make your PAN card invalid. Even for applying for a new PAN card, submitting aadhar card as a proof is compulsory. The linking process is very easy, you have to visit the income tax e-filing box and log in. Once you log in it will show you a prompt to enter aadhar number. Enter the number and click on the link button. That’s it you have successfully linked your card. Here is the catch. If your name on PAN card is not matching with that on aadhar card, then your linking will fail.

How to link when names on PAN and aadhar are not matching

Follow the below steps in this case

  • Check for any spelling mistakes on both the identity cards.
  • If you have any it is better to go for a correction. If you don’t have enough time to get your name rectified, then you can upload a scanned copy of PAN to get the word done. That’s it your linking will be successful.

Here are some salient points about linking with aadhaar card.

  • While filing for income tax returns, one has to declare all the cash payments made above 2Lakh for loans and credit card bills during the 50 day period after demonetization.
  • As your UIDAI number is linked with a bank account. It will be easy for the IT department to track your transactions. In case if they found any mismatch between the IT filings and income, they will send you a notice.

Difference between Aadhar Card and Social Security Number

The inspiration for aadhar card came from the social security number in the United states. However, there are quite a lot of difference between these two numbers. This guide helps you in getting a clear picture of these two numbers.

Aadhar Card

Indian citizens can apply for an aadhaar card. Also, people who lived more than 182 days can also apply for this identity number. To know more on how to apply for an aadhar card, click here which will provide you with detail steps. This identity can be obtained by providing biometric information like IRIS, thumbprint, and photograph with other necessary documents.

Aadhaar Authentication: To do any transactions linked with aadhaar one has to provide thumb impression. The Indian government passed rules to link this UID with all the government related welfare schemes.

Aadhar Sharing: As discussed earlier, it is mandatory to link it with all the government schemes to get benefits. Otherwise, users won’t get any advantages from the government and in some circumstances failed to link may cause blocking of accounts.

Usage: All the public and private companies are allowed to use aadhar based authentication. In fact, this has become one of the compulsory document for getting a mobile number, pan card, passport, bank accounts and many others.

aadhar card vs SSN number

SSN Number

Only United States citizens can apply for SSN. Also, immigrants with a work permit can also apply for an SSN number. You can check this website on how to apply for an SSN number. This number can be obtained with just an identity proof.

SSN Authentication: The person name should match with the one on SSN. Authentication is done only in limited cases.

SSN Linking: The SSN number is only stored with the federal agencies and the US law prohibits sharing this with for any commercial purposes.

These are some of the major differences between the aadhar card and social security number. In United states the privacy of the user is taken priority and restricted the usage of SSN number only to federal bodies. Whereas in India, the government is making the aadhar as a single identity proof document in the future. If this happens, then all the private and public companies have access to the aadhaar numbers and there can be a high chance of miss using it.

The Indian government should take users privacy into consideration and should restrict the access of aadhar card only to the government departments. Even the supreme court of India has passed a rule that aadhar is not needed for getting benefits from the government. More stringent rules should come against the usage of aadhar card. Currently there is a high debate going on the usage of aadhar card. On one side people are appreciating the efforts of the government and on the other side people are concerend about the security of the aadhar card.

Link Aadhar Card with Bank Account

You have to link your aadhar card with your bank account before April 30, 2017. Watch this video for complete details.

Bank customers must link their aadhar number with account before the end of this month. Otherwise your bank accounts will be blocked and no transactions will be allowed. Customers who opened bank accounts between July, 2014 and August, 2015 must submit aadhar as KYC document to avoid blocking of the account. In case if you don’t submit KYC document, then you will be not allowed to withdraw cash your account. Once you submitted the KYC documents, then your account will be reactivated again.