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Unable to Link PAN Card with Aadhar Card

The Indian government has passed a rule to link PAN card with Aadhar card before July,3017. Failed to do so will make your PAN card invalid. Even for applying for a new PAN card, submitting aadhar card as a proof is compulsory. The linking process is very easy, you have to visit the income tax e-filing box and log in. Once you log in it will show you a prompt to enter aadhar number. Enter the number and click on the link button. That’s it you have successfully linked your card. Here is the catch. If your name on PAN card is not matching with that on aadhar card, then your linking will fail.

How to link when names on PAN and aadhar are not matching

Follow the below steps in this case

  • Check for any spelling mistakes on both the identity cards.
  • If you have any it is better to go for a correction. If you don’t have enough time to get your name rectified, then you can upload a scanned copy of PAN to get the word done. That’s it your linking will be successful.

Here are some salient points about linking with aadhaar card.

  • While filing for income tax returns, one has to declare all the cash payments made above 2Lakh for loans and credit card bills during the 50 day period after demonetization.
  • As your UIDAI number is linked with a bank account. It will be easy for the IT department to track your transactions. In case if they found any mismatch between the IT filings and income, they will send you a notice.